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About us

Business centre Global Technologies is located in Tbilisi, western part of the central district, legal address: Tbilisi, Tsereteli Avenue, 117.

The Business centre is located on 23312 sq m land plot. The buildings owned by it constitute total area of 28263 sq m, including office premises  of 5508 sq m, store premises of 3752 sq m, while warehouse and industrial premises – 19003 sq m.

The Business centre consists of three basic buildings.

Building #1 is an administrative building, which area makes up 4016 sq m, which ground floor comprises five trade outlets, each area – 110 sq m where are located basic companions of the Business centre: JSC TBC Bank, which occupies 800 sq m, microfinancial organization BIJ, JSC Silknet, Intertechnics Ltd, Gika Ltd and Geoar Plus Ltd.

On II, III and IV floors of the building there are located office premises, which are furnished with air conditioning, where are located offices of JSC Bank Constanta, which area is 700 sq m, a construction company CASA GROUP, a distribution company Diplomatholding, Centurion,  a distribution company Master Trade and a company Pure World.

Building #2 is a three-storey house, on the first floor of which there are located seven trade outlets, including JSC microfinancial bank Crystal, LTD Style, Voulez-vous Ltd,  the first and the second floors of the building are occupied by JSC Bank Constanta, which premises make up 1200 sq m,  while the third floor is completely occupied by the Private University.

 Building #3 is a four-storey house, which is extended with the six-storey house where are mainly located industrial and warehouse areas.

Besides the abovementioned, there are located one-storey warehouses along the inner territory of the Business centre. On Tsereteli Avenue there are located 15 trade outlets, which areas fluctuate from 95 sq m up to 110 sq m.

The inner territory of the Business centre concludes also parking site for 300 vehicles and a service centre for motor repair works. 

Trade mall on Tsereteli Avenue

Areas: from 70 sq m up to 110 sq m
17 GEL or more

Office premises

Areas: 6000 sq m 
12 GEL or more

Warehouse premises

Areas: 12000 sq m 
5 GEL and more

Projects under implementation

Areas: 11000 sq m 
1350 GEL and more